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     Are you facing foreclosure?  Was your home recently foreclosed on?  We can help.  Banks often use fraudulent processes to sell or take your home back.  Most homeowners just walk away losing 1000's of dollars in equity.  You don't have to lose your equity or walk away empty handed.

     A wrongful foreclosure lawsuit is a civil case.  A wrongful foreclosure action is usually based on allegations of fraud.  Often, fraud can consist of anything from false signatures on original loan documents to lost loan modification documents and everything in between.  Each case is different and should be evaluated by a legal specialist. Call us today for a free phone evaluation (972) 776-6646 .
stop foreclosure on my home.
We'll work with you to help you recover your home.

     First things first.  You need to know that you've got to have ammo when you enter into any battle.  Very few attorneys these days will accept a wrongful foreclosure lawsuit on a contingency basis. 
     That doesn't mean that the cost to seek justice is prohibitive.  In fact, most attorneys are willing to work with you as long as you can afford your home and the payments.  However, if you couldn't afford your monthly mortgage payments and have been seeking an unreasonable loan modification, don't expect an attorney to set you up on a payment plan. 
     Remember once your home has been foreclosed on by your lender, you no longer own it.  That means no collateral.
     That being said. If your attorney sees you as a worthy credit risk, you may be able to work out a 6-12 month payment plan.  In the area of legal services, the cheapest price may not be in your best interest.
      Preparation on your part will help your attorney quote you an accurate & reasonable price.  Have your documents organized and preferably in chronological order.   There are certain documents that you will need for sure,  Call us for a list of items you'll need to get started.  If you are facing eviction after a foreclosure you might want to call evictionshield.com.

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