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Our attorneys have worked on both sides of the fence.  Working for banks and now for homeowners. They have discovered several techniques that savvy attorneys were using to stall the sale.  These techniques rendered the bank helpless when trying to move forward with a foreclosure sale. We have streamlined these techniques so that they can be used in almost all foreclosure sale situations.

The banks use "trustee" attorneys which are commissioned to sell your home on the courthouse steps.  These attorneys are tasked with providing written Notice of Default (NOD), acceleration notices,  and notice of the Trustee Sale date.  It is the responsibility of these attorney firms to protect the bank's legal interests and protect them from litigation.  Any wrongful action by the trustee could produce significant liability for the bank and the trustee. This may help stop the foreclosure sale.

We contact the trustee and provide a litany of RESPA, TILA and other MORTGAGE SERVICING RULES that violate State and Federal Foreclosure laws.  We will demand that the trustee investigates these violations and give us adequate justification to proceed with the sale.  This justification process often takes months of discovery on the trustees part to validate.  The trustee will cancel or delay any sale of your property until these violations are rectified.

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